Wednesday Whirl-Around

Breaking news just now is that Vice-President Joe Biden opts not to run for President in 2016.

Not too much of a surprise here. Biden has been through a tough slog over the years and the recent death of son Beau Biden had to take the wind out of his sails. Also the wait to make a decision has allowed democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to solidify their bases. It’s no secret that recent polling showed Biden in 3rd place and the reality would be he would have to go head to head with Hillary for the votes he needs to get the nomination.

Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan makes demands should he run or be elected as Speaker of the House

Ryan made 3 requests / demands for his run as Speaker,  but the most glaring and hypocritical, especially from a republican standpoint, was his demand for “family time” – This comes from a  guy and republican party who have stood in the way of family leave legislation and even equal pay for women, a bill where EVERY republican voted NO! The hypocrisy of Ryan on this has no bounds. He need personal family time, but every other American does not – Nice job Paul!!

Nevada Senate race could get interesting

Nevada Tea party favorite Sharon Angle is making noise that she might jump into the race for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Harry Reid. This has to be a concern to republicans who have current Rep. Joe Heck running for this seat. There is undeniable anger from the GOP electorate, as witnessed by the surging popularity of two dizzy candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Two complete outsiders, who are shaking up this election cycle like never before.

With the seething anti-establishment feeling pulsing through GOP voters an Angle run against Heck in the primary has to concern GOP “insiders” – As of this writing Heck has no substantial opponent in his race and he can, and has been hitting Democratic candidate Katherine Cortez-Masto with ads from inside and outside his campaign. Now if Angle gets in, suddenly Heck has a primary fight that will drain funds and make the GOP base have to decide between the “establishment guy” Heck and “anti-establishment outsider” Angle – and if the Trump / Carson phenomenon is real, this could mean trouble for Joe Heck. Angle upset the establishment  candidate for senate in the 2010 GOP primary, could it happen again in 2016??? From a democratic point of view, I am all for Sharon Angle getting into the race!!!

Today (10/21/15) is back to the future day

If there ever was an over-hyped who cares day, this is it – the film came out in 1985, and is now 30 years old – so what percentage of the US population has been born after the film came out?? Do they care? Why would they? I’m older and saw the film, and I don’t care.

The biggest “Back to the Future” prediction was that they had the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series – Well that fantasy was almost realized as the Cubs were looking strong this baseball season. They made the playoffs, defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1 game Wild Card Playoff and then steam rolled the St. Louis Cardinals (who had the best record in baseball) in the Wild Card Series. The Cubs looked like the team of destiny and the film’s prophecy might be accurate. Also the Cubs were doing this as the 6th seeded team of the 6 who made the National League Playoffs. But the true Cubs have bubbled to the surface and are on the brink of elimination at the hands of the New York Mets. The Cubbies are down 3 games to none and face elimination later today. What a sweet way to send off the over-hyped Back to the Future Day, by sending the Cubs packing for yet another year, making it a full 107 years since the Cubs last won the World Series!!! May Back to the Future Day never bother us again and may the “Curse of the Billy Goat” live another year!!

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