The @RobersonForNV Dead on Arrival #nvleg list

State Senator Mike Roberson had to do it………his GOP base expects it and Roberson needs to prove he’s not left the GOP base even though the base told Roberson “No thanks” in his GOP primary run for Congressional District 3 (CD3), by electing multi-loss Danny Tarkanian as their flag bearer for the open CD3 seat. Roberson had the funds, he had three or four farther to the right primary foes to split hard right votes……….but even the $$ and multi far right opponents didn’t win Roberson enough votes. Sad.

So Roberson returned to his seat in the Nevada State Senate……..but not as Majority Leader as in the 2015 session, now Roberson sits in the Minority Leaders seat……..things didn’t go well inside Nevada for the GOP in 2016 – and thus: Elections have consequences.

Roberson now needs to show the GOP base that he is their guy…….time to return to the “Tea Party Mike” of the 2011 session, where he was all slash and burn, just the way the Tea Party driven 2010 elections wanted.

Now in a 11-9-1 minority position Roberson needs to play the standard GOP hand, and he’s trotted out a few bills that are right from the GOP playbook: Voter ID, Abortion and Guns.

Most of these will probably die a quiet death and never reach the debate stage, or at least that’s what should happen – bring’em, Majority Leader Ford will look…..giggle, smirk and toss to the recycle bin.

Voter ID: SB100  – Probably has zero chance, especially when Democrats are looking at easier voter registration………give the GOP credit, they know they can’t win if too many people vote, so they keep trying to limit voting.

Abortion: The abortion bill isn’t as onerous as typical anti-abortion legislation – this one has to do with parental notification. Which probably should see some debate, but don’t rubber stamp it, especially if there are other restrictions attached. The GOP game plan nationwide is to remove ALL choice women have in the matter.

Guns on Campus: SB102 – This is a repeat of former Assemblywoman Annie Oakley, er, Michele Fiore, who never saw a gun she didn’t love. Guns in academia don’t seem like a great idea……who needs to be caught between a professor and a frustrated, angry D student when they draw down in the lecture hall?!?! This one will have impassioned testimony about “if only so & so had their gun….this all could have been prevented”   That is panacea thinking that only the NRA, who’s goal is to have everyone packing like the US was Dodge City circa 1875, would think is a great idea.

Those are some good old red meat issues for far righties – Voter ID, Guns & Abortion – Some other bills will probably surface over the coming weeks.

One last “fun” bill that is interesting and not along party lines, is SB86 Which would require the instruction of cursive handwriting in elementary schools…….this hearkens back to the 1960’s when writing by pen and paper was more of a thing…… any “handwriting” seems to be limited to the few times a person needs to sign a document, and even signatures are going digital. Maybe not a bad idea, but not one that should take up too much classroom time beyond 3rd grade. Might be a fun debate on this one !!


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