The NO TAX Pledge – What’s the point?!?!

I see that Nevada’s version of Grover Norquist, Chuck Muth, is in northern Nevada at a festive “No Taxes Pledge” signing ceremony.

Apparently Muth has cajoled some poor soul to run against the incumbent assemblyman in northern Nevada’s district 26…………..just because the incumbent Randy Kirner did his job as assemblyman while in Carson City.

To gain favor in the far right world of Chuck Muth, a candidate must sign on with his no tax pledge, otherwise you are unworthy and might actually be a factor during a legislative session by, you know enacting legislation, modifying revenue streams or even funding the needs of Nevada.

What’s the point of signing such an idiotic no tax pledge? It handcuffs the candidate before they ever get into office………….and when in office, if they hold to the idiocy that is the pledge, the legislator is basically reduced to nothing more than an obstruction for any funding or revenue based legislation.

Might as well sit a rock in that seat, because a rock won’t raise taxes either and will be just as amicable to negotiations in matters of funding and taxation.

Muth promoted the pledge signing event by bringing in the worst Nevada Governor in the modern era (1960 – Present)………… Mr. 2/3rds Vote himself Jim Gibbons………….Mr. One Term Governor Gibbons………..Mr. Only Incumbent Governor to Lose in a Primary Gibbons.

Gibbons is the clown responsible for the 2/3rds Vote Rule, that requires a 2/3rds majority vote to enact any tax increase………..yes, sadly the voters were suckered into making this rule part of the Nevada Constitution………………and basically this idiotic rule makes passing any taxation nearly impossible in Nevada.

Now couple the 2/3rds Vote rule along with candidates who will adhere to the idiotic “No Tax Pledge” and you can count on Nevada suffering legislatively on issues of funding and taxation…………and this combination will cement Nevada at the bottom of every funding list in America.


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