The HECK he did?!?! Another @RepJoeHeck Failure

On October 1, 2013……the Republican led House of Representatives took a vote to change the rules!!

And this is what they did:

Over the week most Democrats had gone public with their intention to vote YES on ending the Republican orchestrated government shutdown…….so around 190 Democrats were on board to end the shutdown. As the week progressed and Republican members of the House were getting heat from irate constituents, some of them started coming around and they publicly said they too would join with Democrats on a vote to end the shutdown…….a simple 281-216 majority was all that was needed for those wanting to end the shutdown and bring it to a vote.

So how did Congressman Joe Heck vote?!?!

Of course he voted for the rule change……….making it impossible for anyone but John Boehner or his hand picked lackey to bring the CR for a vote…………….Maybe Joe Heck was hoping he’d be the lackey Boehner might pick?!?!

So now we have more proof that this is, in fact, a REPUBLICAN shutdown of government……….and this vote PROVES Joe Heck is complicit with the fringe tea party in shutting down the government, when there is clearly a way to end this shutdown.

Heck is trying like heck, to deflect the fact this is a REPUBLICAN shutdown, by trying to change the name of it on a weekly basis. But the fact remains, this is  REPUBLICAN shutdown and Joe Heck is up to his neck in votes, statements and political alliances for supporting the REPUBLICAN shutdown.

for more on the Republican shutdown and the vote that makes it last longer than necessary, click here:

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