The Final Debate !

Well folks, the last debate is over and done with and from everything I can find President Obama came out ahead in every poll & focus group (that wasn’t stacked or fixed!)!!

I personally don’t think Obama winning the last two debates will have a huge impact on the polls, maybe a small percent or two bump at best. The country seems pretty set on who they will vote for and the “undecideds” are a small percentage of the electorate this year.

Obama was clearly more effective in this debate and, honestly, foreign policy is not a strong area for Romney, unless it’s international banking. Romney appeared to be playing it safe, not saying too much, and trying hard to avoid any really gaffs or outlandish (for Romney’s standards) comments. One big surprise was how much Romney agreed with Obama on various issues, and the right wing punditry noticed also, wondering why Romney wasn’t more aggressive and attacking like in the previous two debates. Again I think the calmer Romney was his camps strategy to play it down the middle and not fumble the ball.

Obama was clearly more aggressive in the last two debates, and I can’t help but wonder if the current poll margins might be a little wider in Obama’s favor had he come out in the first debate like he did in the last two debates. From what I gathered, the first debate was the most watched of the three, and I can’t say Obama won undecideds over with the “first impression” factor of the first debate.

I, for one, am glad the debate season is behind us. I still think while Obama has done good things with the economy, it’s still a sore subject with the “casual” voter, who might not know or realize the extent of Republican obstruction and therefore unknowingly put the full blame on Obama for the slow recovery.

So with 14 days (as of this writing), it now comes down to the turn out. There is enough “Obama hate” out there that no Democrat or Obama supporter should take this election lightly or think they don’t need to vote. Democrats have to turn out in big numbers, especially in the 7 or 8 “swing” states that will decide this election.

So far, here in Nevada, the democrats have been heading to the polls in very good numbers since early voting opened on October 20th !!!

Get out and vote, regardless of your location, and make your voice heard!!!

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