@SenDeanHeller is all in on #Trump cabinet picks

Dean Heller is all in for Donald Trump and has rubber stamped every cabinet nominee in what is shaping up to be the most incompetent, richest, disconnected, inexperienced cabinet in modern US history………..and it’s all good according to Senator Dean Heller. Here is a list of who Dean Heller thinks are qualified for their cabinet positions:

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson – No government experience. CEO of the one of the largest corporations in the world. Ties to Russia through business deals.

Secretary of the Treasury: Steve Mnuchin  – No government experience. Former banker & Goldman Sachs executive. Was instrumental in the foreclosure wave during the Great Recession. Billionaire.

Attorney General: Jefferson Sessions – Senator from Alabama for 20 years. Checkered past with ties to voter suppression laws, racists leanings, Anti-immigration. Trump loyalist from early on.

Secretary of Health & Human Services:  Tom Price – 12 years in the House & previously in state legislature in Georgia. Major critic of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka: ObamaCare. Wants to dismantle the ACA, and turn Medicare into a voucher program. Suspect financial dealings that he benefited from by passing friendly legislation (Conflict of interest)

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development: Ben Carson – No government experience. Former neurosurgeon, who says he has experience because he grew up poor in Detroit. Admitted publicly he wasn’t qualified for cabinet position.

Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos – No government experience. Billionaire who is major republican donor. Has never set foot inside a public school.

Everyone of these nominees has the support of Dena Heller……..no experience necessary, qualifications not required………be rich, be a Trump loyalist and Dean Heller is on board.

I bet lots of people wish it was this easy to get a job they are unqualified for………and as 2018 approaches and if Dean Heller runs for another Senate term or state office………you can bet his votes on the most unqualified cabinet in modern US history will be a major campaign issue.

These votes of support are so suspect that Dean Heller has been avoiding public town hall meetings, won’t appear in front of constituents and is trying to create diversions in other public releases.

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