@RubenKihuen said what no one else will say

Finally! It has been said!! Said clearly, concisely and succinctly – Nevada State Senator Ruben Kihuen has gone public with his support of a mechanism to fund education in Nevada………he did this awhile back on February 2013, but recently, Senator Kihuen went on Nevada Newsmakers, a news interview show based in Reno, and clearly made the case for passing THE EDUCATION INITIATIVE in Nevada.

Senator Kihuen said what many privately think, but really don’t say………Nevada has continually underfunded education at all levels……….and Senator Kihuen knows exactly why the legislature has done nothing……….it’s because IT CAN DO NOTHING – not with the two-thirds vote that is required to increase revenue in the state of Nevada. All it takes is a few of the “No new taxes” pledge signers to hold the entire state hostage………..to wither in a puddle of infinite stagnation.

Nevada relies almost entirely on sales taxes to fund the state. Businesses pay nothing. Mining pays a pittance………..a pittance in an entity (state of NV) that is the third of fourth richest gold producing entity on the planet.

So where will Nevada get the revenue to fund education?

There will be an initiative, driven by Nevada’s school teachers, that will ask the bigger businesses in Nevada to pony up some cash to fund what has always been a 46th to 50th ranked education system.

Legislatures since the early 1960’s have whiffed on increasing funding beyond the minimum……..and now with the onerous two-thirds vote requirement to pass a tax bill………..it’s become basically impossible for Nevada to react to changing times and economic conditions…….almost all new taxation is driven by sales tax rates set by individual counties.

Finally, there is the chance for Nevadan’s to sidestep the legislative dead end and put in place a funding mechanism that will not be another added sales or service tax on the citizens……….finally business will be asked to participate in the revenue stream that funds Nevada education.

The key here, is Nevada NEEDS to get this funding mechanism in place, and that can happen in November by passing THE EDUCATION INITIATIVE – Get the damn thing in place……..first and foremost!!

In three years the initiative can be revisited……….at that time, revisions, amendments, and alterations can be made to fix the “burdensome” issues the initiative may have created……….three years is not an eternity people………it’s 36 to 48 months……….less than the loan on your car.

Let’s please get the mechanism in place for the future of Nevada’s education system and for the sake of Nevada’s economy which has been hindered by a faulty, low ranked education system, that brings pause to any “thinking” company when considering locating to Nevada………….so while opponents will caterwaul about companies laying off employees (the standard “it will cost jobs” crap) do these opponents to THE EDUCATION INITIATIVE consider the decades long, ongoing loss of tech, engineering and professional jobs Nevada HAS LOST and will continue to lose because Nevada is the floor drain of American Education???

Watch Ruben Kihuen say it best here:  http://nevadanewsmakers.com/video/default.asp?showID=1921

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