@RepLouieGohmert wants to be Speaker of the House!!

Tea party dingbat, Louie Gohmert has throw his hat into the ring for Speaker of the House in the 114th Congress!!

Loony Louie announced his big plans on the Fox News morning comedy show Fox & Friends………a show where the host IQ’s equal that of their dim bulb guests, so what better venue for Loony Louie to make his big New Year announcement than on a show for morons, hosted by morons…….and few are more moronic than Loony Louie of the 114th !!!

Even fellow lunatic fringe website The Blaze ( http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/01/04/louie-gohmert-is-officially-gunning-for-john-boehners-job/ ) hailed the news with all the glee of a Glenn Beck straight jacket quality rant & weeping session!

Yes, folks, the lunatic fringe is feeling their oats after the GOP victories in last November’s elections & now with the calendar flipping to 2015 they are ready to seize the moment………the new congress will be seated this week & new leadership will be the focus it seems, at least in the House, where the lunatic fringe of the GOP feels new vigor, and can smell the red meat of leadership……and who better to lead the clown caucus than Loony Louie of the 114th!!!

Seems the dolts who actually take The Blaze website serious, actually voted Loony Louie to a 2nd place finish in their on-line poll (unscientific of course, these folks are a science denying crowd after all) to Trey Gowdy (Who?!?!).

Stay tuned for the internal GOP fight to see which nut-job will challenge John Boehner for Speaker of the House…….a position, I might add, that puts this person as 2nd in succession behind the Vice-President!! Yep, Loony Louie could be “this close” to the presidency……..as scary & stupefying as it might be, to imagine a literal boneheaded fool like Gohmert being Speaker of the House, think about a certifiable nut-job like Gohmert being second in succession to the presidency ?!?!

For a tiny bit more on Loony Louie histrionics in the absurd, visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loony-Louie-of-the-114th/533869493291473


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