Post Election Thoughts – Presidential Edition

Election 2012 is in the books!

Democrats came out faring pretty well over all!

In the presidential race, Obama bested Romney fairly easily 332 (I’m giving Obama the 29 Florida electoral votes since Obama has the lead) to 206. Obama won 27 states to Romney’s 23 states, and Obama won the overall popular vote 61,217,568 vs. 58,205,105 a 51% – 48% split. (These vote total still subject to change, as not all votes are in yet).

In winning the popular vote, it eliminates the republicans from claiming that Romney, and his polices were more popular and the Obama victory was just a matter of electoral vote totals. Had Obama lost the popular vote it would have been more ammunition for the GOP to continue their recent strategy of obstruction to any type of action President Obama wanted to pursue, as the GOP would make the argument that the majority of voters rejected Obama in favor of Romney.

This win by President Obama totally caught the republicans off guard. My thinking was that the GOP was counting on the much ballyhooed and publicized angst surrounding health care reform and other Obama policies that Fox News and tea party types opposed with such vocal vigor.

With the noise inside the “conservative bubble” of right wing radio (Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, etc. etc.) and the 24 hour propaganda of Fox News, I really think conservatives were blinded in a bubble of their own making and never really looked outside the 365 24/7 static that conservatives listen to. They mistakenly thought that the entire country agreed with their warped thinking, and that there was no way that Obama could win when it came time to cast ballots across the country.

Now the GOP is left to search through the debris of their own political hurricane that was the 2012 election!

Good job to all involved in making a second term for President Obama a reality!!!

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