Post debate week observations

With the Democratic debate now in the rear view mirror, and the week that was is winding down……..time for a few observations.

Overall, it was a good Democratic debate on Tuesday of this week……..Clinton came out unscathed, no real attacks did she have to fend off and topics pretty much stuck to the issues…….Sanders did well, but he needs to brush up on the foreign policy areas……….but to Bernie’s base, it’s all about ¬†income inequality, banks & Wall Street running congress and Bernie’s policies to help working people……..the base loves that, but he needs to expand to wider issues if he hopes to capture more of the wider vote.

Martin O’Malley did fine, but he did nothing to really stand out……….but this was his first chance to get in front of a lot of eyes and he did not do anything to hurt his already slim chances.

As for Jim Webb & Lincoln Chafee – Time to look for the exits gent’s – neither did much and their performances while not overly damaging, did nothing to get them above 1% and headed to 2%………… of this writing this is a two person race with O’Malley placing a sizable distance behind Clinton and Sanders.

Will Joe Biden enter the race? As of this afternoon, I’ve heard reports that he was on the phone to movers and shakers around the country…….perhaps in a last “due diligence” effort to make his decision………the fact that Clinton came through Tuesday’s debate untouched might be the signal that Biden will not enter the race……..does he really have to!?!? I’m thinking he doesn’t – there’s no need to jump in and rescue the Democrats – If Clinton had bombed, then there’s the opening for Biden to save the party’s hopes for 2016.

Next big debate will be the 3rd of the Republican debates, aka the Donald Trump Reality Show & GOP nightmare – the circus will go on with the usual suspects sans Scott Walker who was the first big name to drop out……still plenty of time and GOP candidates left to sort out the mess on their side of the 2016 sweepstakes .

On the local front here in Nevada………GOP voters seem to be flocking to Trump, while every day it seems a republican state legislator comes out in support of Marco Rubio…… far any Rubio endorsement by “establishment” Republicans of note has done nothing to buoy Rubio or¬†dampen the Trump excitement here in Nevada………..this has to frustrate and somewhat scare the mainstream republicans who will be on the ballot in 2016, because if presidential politics is any indication, the GOP base can’t stand their establishment………meaning, will there be blow back in primary races and in the general election by angry republicans?!?!

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