#Orange45 reads from teleprompter, GOP loves it, but nothing changes

Donald Trump aka Orange45 (45th President & obvious orange spray tan thus Orange45) read from the teleprompter (a thing that used to be hated when Obama did it) and the GOP went wild with joy. Yet the speech was just more of the same without the hysterics, overt stupidity and blatant racist overtones.

Orange45 toned it down since this speech wasn’t one before his slavering, adoring fans who come to hear him rant aimlessly at immigrants, minorities while painting a hellscape of American that only Orange45 can fix. Nope, this speech was before a Joint Session of Congress with both Senate and House members listening in……thus, Orange45 sort of reeled in his usual clown show comedy act and went with a more subtle version of the stump show.

The press and punditry gave Orange45 a thumbs up for being “presidential” (finally) – This is a nod to how low a bar Orange45 has set for his speaking gigs – Basically if Orange45 can make it through a speech without dropping some epic stupidity or going on some nonsensical off the cuff rant, the speech is deemed a whopping success. I suppose if one goes to see the monkeys in the zoo, and you make it away without the monkey crapping in its hand and tossing it at the crowd, the visit is deemed a success…..that’s how low a bar Orange45 has set for himself.

Inside the “toned down” speech was the reference (and LIE) that Orange45 was handed a country on the brink of collapse with 40+% unemployment & violence burning urban centers to the ground……….Orange45 got in a bit of bragging about his election win without mentioning his 306 electoral votes by using the term earthquake to describe the “movement” that swept Orange45 into the White House.

There was the call for massive military spending, massive tax cuts……two things which will be catalysts to blow up the debt – generally republicans are against more debt, but if their guy piles up the debt, the GOP will gladly look the other way. Fake Fiscal Conservatives!!

Orange45 wants to kill off ObamaCare (ACA), and promised to do it on day 1 of his presidency, but here we are at just over a month into his presidency and there’s not even a bill anywhere to be seen on repealing the ACA, much less any plan for replacement – Basically calling for repeal is the same bullshit Orange45 said on the campaign trail and like then, the GOP has nothing. But screaming for full repeal plays to his base so we will hear it over and over.

Orange45 mentioned a TRILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000,000,000) in infrastructure spending. Ok, I would like to see some investment in America’s rotting infrastructure……but as usual, Orange45 has no clue on how to pay for it because, we are all getting massive tax cuts…….well, really the top earners will get most of the tax cuts, not the average working stiff. If there is any massive infrastructure spending, expect some convoluted public/private partnership which ultimately will line the pockets of wealthy companies at the expense of the citizenry.

Orange45 pretty much included everything from one of his comedy tour speeches sans the ad-lib idiocy that his fans love.

For a good recap, here’s an NPR write up with factual data countering or supporting the claims of Orange45:

Trump’s Address To Joint Session Of Congress, Annotated

Here is PoltiFacts tracking of Orange45’s promises:

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