#NVLEG Underway

Today kicks off the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature – Welcome to all the new legislators in the Assembly and the Senate!!

The 2017 session brings big change from the 2015 session. Most importantly it brought a new majority. Republicans had the majority in 2015, and last November voters flipped the majorities of both houses to Democratic majorities.

It’s no secret I, and many others, worked to make the new Democratic Majority a reality. Now that the people have spoken with their votes, we hand the gavel to Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson – Two men who make Nevada legislative history as they become the first two African-Americans to lead each house simultaneously.

Aaron Ford and Jason Frierson both spoke to the vast diversity of their caucuses and their houses in today’s opening statements…….the demographics of the sitting legislators of this 79th session really does mirror Nevada and America.

Read full text here:

Ford:  https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/ford-calls-minimum-wage-hike-promises-roll-back-gop-legislation

Frierson:  https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/frierson-advocates-criminal-justice-reform-equal-pay-opening-speech-speaker


Both Assembly Speaker Frierson and Senate Majority Leader Ford outlined their legislative blueprint for the coming session – The door is open, with new democratic majorities in both houses, to turn back some of the regressive policies of the last republican led session and insert a more progressive body of legislation that works to help Nevada’s working families……..works to help public education at every level………and work to provide a path to the future that is clean renewable energy sources and technology.

A deeper dive into what might be, can be found here: http://www.nevadablueprint.com/

As for this writer, I hope to see Ford & Frierson go big……….bring the progressive bills to the front, debate the merits and push for passage, even if there might be a veto from the governor, and push back from the minority party. Across the country progressive issues win and have won on the ballot. Minimum wage, Strengthening Education funding across the board from classroom to teachers pay, Equal pay for women, Equal rights for all without exception, Expanded voting rights.

Put the policies out there, pass them and if need be, put the Governor and republicans on record that that are not in agreement – Make them take a stand on these issues that seem to win across the country.


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