#nvleg Let Sandoval Veto – It’s his last stand

I saw an article in The Nevada Independent regarding the ‘endgame’, as Jon Ralston quite aptly puts it, as we are down to the final 30 days of the 120 day 2017 legislative session.

The gist of Ralston’s article is how tensions are rising between Governor Sandoval and the Democratic Majorities in both the Senate and Assembly and how the popular polling Gov. Sandoval is starting to demand certain results, which mainly are his desire to create ESA’s (Education Savings Accounts), which allows parents (mainly higher income parents) to use state funded education dollars to send the kiddies to private school…….or more true reality, use a public money handout to supplement wealthier families to get the kiddies into a better private school……….i.e.; Have your kids in Lake Mead Christian but can’t quite afford the better looking facilities at Faith Lutheran? Go get some free public money and see if that added money covers the move up! Basically it’s a government sponsored handout for wealthier parents to get the kiddies onto the next step of the private education ladder.
This is part of the republican plan nationally to move education more and more into a private “for profit” enterprise – look no farther than Trump (Orange 45) appointing Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education even though she nor her offspring ever set foot in a public school – Point is: republicans want to turn education into a business.
But, anyway, let me get back to the original topic…….the showdown between Gov. Sandoval and the Democratic majorities in the legislative Senate and Assembly are coming to a head as the final 30 days wind down…………so this amateur twitter gadfly will toss out some points just for giggles!

  • 1) Sandoval is a LAME DUCK – he’s down to his last two years, probably doesn’t run for a US House or Senate seat and might want to return to the judge’s bench from whence he came, to save Nevada from the disaster that was fellow republican Jim Gibbons one term as Governor. Key thing here is LAME DUCK.
  • 2) November election 2016 brought democrats a pretty solid majority in the Assembly and flipped the Senate back to democratic control – All despite Gov. Sandoval sitting with a 70% approval rating – Great! That lofty approval rating bought Gov. Sandoval ZERO political clout with voters in regards to Assembly & Senate races. Nice to be popular, but having some coattails would also be helpful……….Sandoval had no coattails per the 2016 election results.
  • 3) Governor Sandoval himself probably cost his party 2 to 5 seats in the Assembly and maybe 1 or 2 on the Senate side, with his calling a special session to raise a room tax for billionaire Sheldon Adelson. The public wasn’t real keen on handing a multi-billionaire $750 million in tax dollars for a stadium. This particularly didn’t sit well with the hard core, anti any tax republican base. That faction generally considers Gov. Sandoval as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). So when those voters went to the polls in November 2016 they sent Gov. Sandoval a message by giving democrats control of the legislature – So much for popularity polling!
  • 4) So what if Sandoval wants ESA’s and he promises to veto the entire session unless he gets his handout to supplements parents private school aspirations?!?! Let Gov. Sandoval veto. This is the last legislative session Sandoval will rule over. Does Sandoval want his final session to be a veto-fest because he’s holding the state hostage over giving mostly well off parents a handout? What legacy will that leave Gov. Sandoval?  A man who is pretty much keen on leaving a legacy – Will that legacy be a flood of foot stomping veto’s…….. Which could very well lead to summer special session at a cost to tax payers. Hardly the “legacy” that Sandoval wants as he exists the Governor’s Mansion.
    Senate Majority Leader Arron Ford and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson both hold pretty good cards – The exit door is a lot closer to Sandoval than the entry door, so time is not on the Governor’s side, and due to the 120 day rule, it’s going to be on Sandoval if a special session is needed to finish the business – does Sandoval really want another special session, after his last one cost his team seats and was pretty unpopular?!?!

If Ford and Frierson do deal and give ESA’s some life…….that life should be limited to lower income parents if at all possible – the lower incomes would be the demographic to give kids a possible boost………does a parent who’s already paying $15,000 for Faith Lutheran really need a public handout to fund their kids move up to Gorman ??

There is no reason for democrats to cave completely on Sandoval’s ESA’s and the GOP push to privatize education.



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