@NVGOPAssembly circus courtesy of @VoteFiore #nvleg

The Nevada Republican Assembly Circus was on display towards the end of a long voting session yesterday………7+ hours of session!

The fireworks began around the 6 hour 19 minute mark, when lead GOP clown Michele Fiore (Queen of the tax issues and gun lust) was attempting to get her amendment approved for her “public lands” bill. This bill is a lame attempt to get the Federal Government to turn over all control of public lands to Nevada…….of course there are all kinds of historical and legal issues that make this impossible at the Nevada Legislative level……….but those realities won’t deter Madam Gun Lust from chasing the ghost…….and why does she keep chasing this ghost? Because it’s a hot button item to her lunatic fringe followers, like Cliven Bundy, the rancher who’s been leeching off taxpayers for decades while he grazes his cattle on public lands and never pays a dime.

Anyway, back to the session of yesterday. Fellow NV GOP clown Chris Edwards dared to question the validity of Fiore’s amendment and rambled on for some time about the Legislative Council Bureau (LCB) making a statement that the bill is unconstitutional and really has no merit even being heard. Of course this is another fact that Madam Gun Lust refuses to acknowledge – Basically her theory is facts be damned when it comes to this issue.

So here is a link for your viewing pleasure is the session in it’s 7+ hour marathon, but to get to the fireworks, scroll over to about the 6 hour 19 minute mark & watch the fun – also note the gasps from the entire chamber when the key words of “Sit your ass down” are uttered from Fiore.





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