@NVGOP shows true colors #NVLEG (EDITED)

Wednesday the legislature was awash in bi-partisan warmth as the body passed Senate Bill 207 (SB207), that allowed Nevada school districts to roll over bonds for construction of schools. It was even tagged as “an emergency measure” and rushed to the Assembly floor for a vote! This occurred in the early afternoon hours………..by 2:30 there was a bill signing event, at a local Carson City elementary school, where Governor Sandoval would put pen to paper and allow school districts to start the process of new construction of schools…………the Governor was surrounded by school children and gaggle of glowing legislators from both parties!!! Happy Day !!!
Here’s the happy event below !

The Democrats had objected to the original version of the bill (SB119), which had a special section that would allow schools to be exempted from Nevada’s prevailing wage laws. This single issue was the sticking point, it alienated democrats and even the “tax” aspects had some republicans on the fence as to their support of the bill.

So based on the above angst by the democrats and some republicans, the GOP led senate drafted a new “clean version” of the bill that removed the prevailing wage section and was limited to the real gist of the issue: School Construction.

That’s how we got to the photo above and the bi-partisan smiling faces…………….BUT!

The original bill was set aside in the assembly, still alive and still with the exemption of prevailing wages……….then today, a little less than 24 hours removed from the joyous scene above –  the GOP led assembly sprung the bill during the mid day session, voted and passed SB119 which included the attack on prevailing wage.

It took the GOP less than 24 hours to do a 180 degree turn and basically pass he same bill that was signed yesterday, because they had to attack unions and prevailing wages. Make no mistake, the vote and passage of SB119 today was solely so the GOP could gut wages and damage union construction workers – there was NO other reason to vote on and pass SB119 except for the GOP crusade against workers and advance their “Race to the Bottom” agenda.

So there it is. This move is absolute proof of the damage this GOP led legislative session is out to do to unions and collective bargaining – a shot to the gut of middle class construction workers -nothing more nothing less – This bill did not need to be passed or even voted on – the solution and the very thing the Governor wanted was already signed – this move was pure GOP ideological politics and their desire to crush prevailing wage, unions and collective bargaining.

I hope that every construction worker sees the truth that this vote displays – The GOP in Nevada (and across the country) is out to gut wages – I certainly hope that in 2016 the people battered by today’s vote will make their voice heard.

Now we will see if Governor Sandoval will sign this 99% similar bill with the provision to lower wages – Sandoval says he wants to create the “New Nevada”…….well step one would be to veto this GOP farce of a bill – The state is in recovery, Nevada is growing in population, construction jobs and all jobs are coming back – Is a gutting of wages the “new Nevada” Sandoval wants? I hope he does the right thing and brings out the VETO pen, less than 24 hours after he signed a good bill.

Edited 3/10/15 – Sadly it didn’t take long for Governor Sandoval to act on this bill attacking wages, he, in fact, did a “stealth” bill signing during happy hour of Friday evening (3/6) – No fan fare, no kids around, no smiling legislators – Just the governor in his office down grading construction workers wages – He didn’t wait long and even sadder he didn’t have to sign it. 

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