@NVGOP lunatic fringe speaks – & @GovSandoval takes the heat

Just the other day, Assemblywoman, (and noted employment tax dodger), Michele Fiore (R Clark) along with Senator Don Gustavson (R Washoe) were the main speakers at the Reno Republican Men’s Club of Northern Nevada – The fact that this group had these two as speakers, makes me think this group might leans to the far right……..the government hating types.

See this link for the video: http://republicanmensclub.org/january-rmc-meeting/

First up was Senator Gustavson – who thanked Obama & his “liberal ways” for helping republicans take over the Nevada Legislature as well as the House and Senate in Washington DC. Gustavson then went on to read from prepared statements, that he will not support Governor Sandoval’s budget and refuses to pass any tax increase……and of course Gustavson railed against education, specifically building more classrooms in Clark and Washoe Counties. Gustavson basically rattled off all the red meat items that the crowd wanted to hear, getting them ready for Michele Fiore.

At around 16:30 into the video, Fiore gets the mic and the fun begins!!

Fiore starts off by calling out fellow republican Governor Sandoval on his State of the State Speech. Saying that “we have a Republican Assembly and Senate, and that the state overwhelmingly said NO to the ballot initiatives on tax increases”………and that Sandoval should have crap canned his budget in light of the GOP sweep in November, yet Sandoval is asking for $1.2 BILLION in tax increases!

Fiore says she has received numerous phone calls and emails in opposition to the “Sandoval Budget” – And of the 42 in the Assembly, Sandoval will need 28 votes to pass his budget……and Fiore says she has 12 NO votes in her pocket as she speaks and she’s working on 3 more to vote NO!

To the Fiore led contingent, there will be NO NEW TAXES (read her lips!) – Sandoval will face his toughest opposition form the lunatic fringe of his own party (welcome to 21st century / since Obama was elected GOP infighting).

Fiore then went on to the “federal lands” issue, stating that this session will need a special session at the end to complete any work, or as this Fiore faction will probably do, obstruct sane legislation in favor of far right wing hot button issues like returning federal (BLM) lands to Nevada and multiple gun rights bills.

As to the returning federal lands to Nevada, it seems that Fiore has little grasp of history, as to how the lands became “federal lands” in the first place -(at 24:00) Fiore prattles on with some convoluted thinking, about how previous legislatures and lawmakers, somehow turned over all this Nevada land to the Federal Government – Of course, Fiore is clueless that the US government has had control / ownership of these lands since 1848 – The Reno Gazette Journal explains it nicely here: http://www.rgj.com/story/news/2014/04/16/ask-rgj-released-nevadas-public-lands/7794823/

I’d wager that Liberty loving, Constitution waving Fiore would be shocked to learn that, founding father Thomas Jefferson had a hand in why Nevada has federal lands way back in 1787 – the very founding fathers had a hand in this evil government overreach?!?!?!

Fiore, somehow thinks that the federal government and local ‘elected’s’ are somehow allowing this to happen?!?! Fiore is really clueless on this issue & doesn’t seem to have the ability to find out the reality of federal lands in Nevada.

Fiore also announces that she’s taking her clown show to the radio waves with a Saturday morning comedy hour on KDWN in Las Vegas! That should make for entertaining radio and really entertaining call in’s as Fiore will surely get fellow lunatic fringers to call in!!

On the guns, firearms issue – Fiore lays down the law and say “any compromise on gun issues” is not going to happen………..and she turns the gun issue into a psychotic drug related issue – as in why should someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) not have access to all their firearms…….you know, people on edge, or with PTSD should always have access to guns……..yeah, that generally ends well!!!

Fiore, gets this thinking wrapped around a teenager with pimples, who then gets depressed over a boyfriend, than gets some “psychotic” prescription drugs and sometime later in that girls life, she can’t get her concealed permit to carry a gun, because she had acne as a teen! You have to listen to this idiocy to really believe what i’m writing! This could be added to the best of Nevada’s Lunatic Fringe Greatest Hits!!

Finally about 32:00 into the video, Fiore ends the idiocy, and settles in to take questions – and nice questions they were!

As Michele Fiore says at the end of her talk, put your big girl panties and big boy boxers on, and brace yourself for the audience to ask questions!!

First question was answered with how evil mainstream republicans are stalling and won’t allow Fiore & the clown caucus to have their way in committees.

I could go on about the question answer period, but it’s best viewed on your own………..also note the Edgar Winter look alike who asks a question and the lady who questions “when did Governor Sandoval become a democrat”……….but this is a great view inside the GOP lunatic fringe……..it’s funny, scary, weird, head scratching and just needs to be seen, as this idiocy really does happen inside GOP politics.

Welcome to the 2015 Nevada Legislative session!!!






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