@NVGOP battle lines being drawn

Ever since the November elections, when Democrats opted to stay home and hand Republicans pretty much the entire state, there has been a battle brewing within the new republican Assembly caucus.

The combatants are tax dodging, gun toting, Michele Fiore and her small band of renegades versus Speaker Designate Mike Hambrick.

Fiore has been rattling the cages, insisting they she be reinstated as Majority Leader of the GOP Assembly Caucus……at first she was in, under the initial new Speaker Ira Hansen’s leadership. Hansen was pushed to step down over numerous extremist wing-nut columns & comment’s he’s made over the years, but that’s another story……..so after Hansen stepped down as Speaker Designate, Fiore was removed from her leadership position by new Speaker Designate Mike Hambrick, thus Fiore is out……………….then Fiore decided that she should be reinstated back into the Majority Leader position.

To summarize, Fiore was in, then out and now she wants back in!! (See this link for some internal info from Jon Ralston as to the above: https://www.ralstonreports.com/blog/continued-implosion-gang-three )

The latest move in the internal snit, is the creation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to launch a recall of Speaker Designate Mike Hambrick over the slight to lunatic fringe favorite Michele Fiore – The PAC was started by noted “Grover Norquist Wanna Be of Nevada”, Chuck Muth. Muth is a political rabble rouser of the absolute starve government and never pass a tax increase school of Grover Norquist.

The Nevada Legislative session doesn’t start until February 2nd……….which gives the PAC a month to gather the required signatures in Hambrick’s assembly district in which to launch their desired recall……….then they must wait 10 days into the new legislative session before pulling the trigger on the recall vote

Check this link for the actual filing of the PAC: http://www.reviewjournal.com/politics/conservative-activist-starts-pac-recall-nevada-s-assembly-speaker-designate

So sit back and watch the battle be played out between the ultra conservative vs moderate republican’s – Mind you this is the first time in quite a number of years that the GOP has gained control of both houses of the Nevada Assembly and Senate…….things are quieter on the Senate side……….but on the Assembly side it’s a full on battle between the moderates and the wing-nuts………This session has the potential to be the most dysfunctional session in years……….so sit back and stay tuned as the battle is waged inside the Assembly Caucus !!

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