Nevada Voting Numbers

Anyone can look up these numbers here: which is a link to the Nevada Secretary of State site.

But since I was taking a peek at the numbers, I figured I would do a post showing the numbers through 3 days of early voting in Nevada!

The 3 days are: Saturday, October 20; Sunday October 21; Monday, October 22.

Total votes cast:

Clark County 10/20) 33,204 10/21) 25,999 10/22) 30,598 Total 80,801
Washoe County 10/20) 9,638 10/21) 4,837 10/22) 6,773 Total 21,248
Statewide 10/20) 49,980 10/21) 31,324 10/22) 44,008 Total 125,312

Clark County has accounted for 64.5% of the state total.

Vote by party affiliation:

Clark County
Democrat: 46,416 GOP: 28,321 Other:15,064

Washoe County
Democrat: 9,700 GOP: 8,314 Other: 3,234

Democrat: 60,389 GOP: 44,343 Other: 20,580

Statewide Democrats have cast 48.2% of total votes cast, GOP have 35.4% and Others have 16.4%

Absentee ballots returned:

Clark County: Dems 10,456 GOP 8,877 Other 3,524

Washoe County: Dems 2,905 GOP 2,967 Other 1,177

Statewide: Dems 15,525 GOP 15,460 Other 5,801

So far so good for the Democrats getting the vote out and getting to the polls!

Of course not every Democrat voter will vote for Obama and not every GOP will vote for Romney, but if you want to take a good thing away from these numbers (at this moment) it’s that the total number of Democrats voting is only 4,534 behind the combined total of GOP and Other votes……….which means if a good percentage of Other votes go to Obama then (so far), Obama looks good for carrying Nevada!

Let’s play pure politics with these numbers!

Let’s say every Dem vote went to Obama and that all GOP votes went to Romney, then that 4,534 difference between the total of Dems and GOP/Other means if 22% of Other voters choose Obama the race is tied 50-50………..which means Obama can win Nevada if he probably gets 35% of the “Other” vote to go to Obama or to another candidate besides Romney.

Stay tuned and stay on course, two weeks to go, and every vote will count in Nevada, it could be THAT CLOSE!!

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