Nevada early voting numbers – 10/18 to 10/26

Below are the week 1 early voting numbers for Saturday, October 18 through Friday, October 24

Republican – 63,396 46.80% of total vote

Democrat – 49,795 36.76% of total vote

Other – 22,262 16.44% of total vote

Below are totals for last week and Saturday October 25 and Sunday October 26 (Note only Clark and Washoe Counties voted on the weekend):

Republican – 76,441 46.19% (-0.61%) over week 1 total

Democrat – 61,640 37.25% (+0.49%) over week 1 total

Other – 27,400 16.56% (+0.12) over week 1 total

The Republican lead in voter cast over Democrat votes cast increased from 13,601 to 14,801, but Democrats gained against the total votes cast (+0.49%) while the Republican total vote fell (-0.61%) in total votes cast.

There was a sizable increase in the second Sunday (10/26) vote total over the first Sunday (10/18) as 3,041 more votes were cast on the second Sunday than on the first Sunday (10,243 to 7,202).

Saturday (10/25) was the top vote day of the early voting as 12,128 votes were cast versus the 10,385 of Monday (10/20) of the first week. 7.33% of the totals votes cast in all early voting came in on Saturday 10/25.

In voter rich and democratic stronghold Clark County, the turnout remains low for both parties, compared to other counties, where turnout has topped 20% in a few rural counties. In Clark County, Republicans have a decent 13.75% turnout to a lowly 9.30% for Democrats.

Clark – 33,303 of 358,279 9.30% Democrat – 34,618 of 251,708 13.75% Republican

Republicans lead by 1438 votes cast in Clark County, and added 123 to that lead over the second weekend of early voting.

Democrats have many more votes out there to ‘get” than Republicans (basically in Clark County)………….has the GOP turnout hit a plateau?…….so far neither party has much to crow about, but the Democrats have more worries at this point in time…………but Democrats do have more votes out there to try and get………….the Democrats can narrow the gap or close it if, IF, Democrats decide to get off the couch and out to vote……………..stay tuned to the Clark County turnout over the coming week, this is where the impact will be the rest of the way.

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