Mindless thoughts

Some idle thoughts on the “doin’s” of recent days!

Iowa caucus wrap up: The very thin margin of Clinton’s win was really more of a win for Bernie Sanders – Clinton entered the race months ago as the major favorite. The close result in Iowa should send a message to the Clinton camp: This thing is far from over.

On the GOP side, Ted Cruz & camp went to the dirty tricks bag to persuade some Ben Carson supporters that Carson was dropping out – Not sure how much this worked or what numbers were changed due to the blatant lie, but it now appears the Ted Cruz campaign is filled with liars, which sort of matches up with Ted Cruz, who will lie at anytime to gain an edge.

Donald Trump finished second, then went silent for about 24 hours – Then Trump woke up and returned to twitter to rail against the “fraud” that was the Iowa GOP caucus – Maybe after the news of the dirty tricks from Cruz, Trump might have a point. Still the Trump ego had to be bruised after a second place finish………recall much of a Trump Comedy Stop campaign speech is Trump talking about how great he polls. The results sort of shut Donny up for a short time.

Marco Rubio cashed a ticket for placing (third place) and to listen to his bloviating speech, you’d have thought he won the day in a landslide and not finished third behind a nut job liar and a fascist?!?! But then when you have the razor thin “political resume” of Rubio, you grab whatever you can get and ramp up the bullshit to make it sound like you just won a major victory.

Last nights Democratic Debate between the main two players was pretty good – a little fire works over some piddly “he said, she said” – but the bottom line is both Sanders and Clinton are not that far off from each other – the biggest differences seem to be “how to get there” – Remember people, with a GOP controlled House of Representatives, there’s not much hope of passing the major policies that Sanders and Clinton are talking up. Single payer health care for instance, is dead on arrival if the GOP controls either the House or Senate – and even then it  might take 60 Democrats in the Senate to stop republicans from blocking or filibustering legislation.

New Hampshire is on deck and votes this coming Tuesday – Looks like Sanders gets the win here in his home region – how big a margin is the question. But it will be clear that Sanders is a major threat to a Clinton nomination, at least from the early results.

Poor Jeb! – The guy spends campaign cash and yet he can’t get any traction with the GOP base – Guess somewhat sanity doesn’t matter in the GOP anymore – when you are getting crushed by a fascist (Trump), a lying fool (Cruz) and a wet behind the ears neophyte war monger (Rubio). How bad has it got for Jeb! – he had to ask a small crowd to clap after his applause line was totally ignored !!



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