I’m IN – My Questionnaire for @NVGOP Endorsement

Ok, folks, I took the plunge!

I have sought the endorsement from the Nevada Republican Party!

I have done what incumbent Republican Governor Brian Sandoval refuses to do………also Lt Gov Candidate Mark Hutchinson is also dodging the questionnaire and missing out on the all important Nevada GOP endorsement!!!

Wish me luck………you can see my responses to the NV GOP Questionnaire below.

Nevada Republican Party Candidate Questionnaire

Describe, in detail, your professional & educational experience

I’m a small business owner, who’s getting killed by regulations and laws, like the one that says I need to pass a state exam to be an attorney. These overbearing regulations are the reason I have not attended college, but I have read some law books and regularly record LA LAW and DUCK DYNASTY.

What unique skills do you bring to the position? Why are you running for this position?

I bring a gun to every position and a copy of the 2nd Amendment also. I am running to end the job killing regulations in NV that prevent me from practicing law……it’s just TEST TEST TEST, REGULATE REGULATE REGULATE.

Is there any problem in your past either professional or personal that would cause you or the party a problem during your campaign?

Other than Nevada banning me from practicing law? No.

Have you run for political office before? What office /result?

I did run for the Pahrump Town Board, well, make that I did run AT the Pahrump Town Board in an attempt to arrest the liberal communists on the town board.

In your opinion, what is the role of the Nevada Republican Party?

To scrutinize supposed “Republican” candidates and ensure that only REAL, God fearing, Gun toting, Freedom loving, Constitutional quoting PATRIOTS are running under the Republican label. NO RINO’s!!!

In what ways have/will you participate in the growing success within the Nevada Republican Party & its affiliates?

I will fully participate in purging the RINO’s, moderates and Commies from our beloved NV GOP, so we can be as pure as the Founding Fathers intended.

Have you read the Nevada Republican Party Platform? Describe your position on the platform and its relationship to your office

Yes I have! I fully agree that THE most important thing facing Nevada is our RIGHT to bear arms. And I will uphold any NRA sponsored gun legislation.

As an official, what is/will be your approach towards party leaders’ and members’ communication regarding legislation and/or policy?

Once we clear out the detritus from the NV GOP, I will work with the leadership to further the cause to the 2nd Amendment and promote true freedom by helping reduce over bearing government regulation…….like that test to be a lawyer.

What does being republican mean to you? Briefly describe your political philosophy?

I get emotional here, bear with me please …..Being a TRUE Republican means FREEDOM from government REGULATIONS……freedom to take my guns with me anywhere and everywhere.
Every morning when I rise, I recite the Pledge of Allegiance, with emphasis on the UNDER GOD portion while I clean my guns and always finish with reading (through teary eyes) the 2nd Amendment.

What is the relationship of the United States Constitution with the office you are seeking? What does the Second Amendment mean to you, and how will you fight to ensure its protection?

The 2nd Amendment is what makes the Constitution, for without the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, How Can we expect to uphold the rest of the Constitution when the government is over regulating the people? The 2nd Amendment is the only thing that matters, all other amendments pale in comparison.

What are the top three goals or priorities you seek to accomplish during your next term for the office you seek?

Goal 1: Make obtaining fire arms easier. Goal 2: Make it possible to take fire arms everywhere. Goal 3: Eliminate ALL government regulations

Should Nevada enact a personal income tax and if so, why?

No. In fact Nevada should eliminate all state taxes and fees. We are Taxed Enough Already. We should strive to bring Nevada back to its 1864 Constitutional roots.

Do you think that private contractors should be used to provide services that the state has traditionally handled and if so, why?

 Absolutely agree. We can privatize the police, fire fighting, and many other government services should be done away with public schools and universities, all they do is indoctrinate our children into liberal


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