Fine is OK, Tax is Economic Disaster

A large northern Nevada casino was recently hit with a $1,000,000 fine over some impropriety stemming from access to gaming machines……….OK, the casino company and the Nevada regulators agreed to the fine and both move.

A $1 Million hit has to rattle the executives of that casino and their “bottom line profit”………..but nowwhere in any article on the issue, did I see any mention of the casino laying off employees to make up the $1 million dollar deficit………..I suppose it could have happened, but it hasn’t been made public………..and really, no employees should take the hit for what seems to be a management screw up.

Let’s say this $1 Million “fine” was called a “tax”………..I bet we’d see the executives making claims of having to cut jobs, look into leaving Nevada and wringing their hands over the injustice of it all and that the world will surely end as we know it.

Seems a company can pay a big fine, admit they were at fault and no one threatens economic payback or fallout……….but ask them to pay a tax, and the wheels come off the entire industry and threats of all kinds are tossed around to scare anyone listening.

Too bad the state gaming regulators can’t slide some of that fine money into education in Nevada.

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