Dean Heller Fails on Vote

Yesterday in the senate, there was a vote on a treaty. A treaty for multiple nations to agree to abide with laws that promote accessibility for disable people.

In 1990 President George HW Bush signed the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. This act rewrote the laws concerning accessibility issues that disabled persons face in everyday life.

Supporters of the treaty argued that the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities would simply require the rest of the world to meet the standards that Americans already enjoy under the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act.

This treaty was initially signed by President George W Bush and re-signed by President Obama in 2009. Approximately 153 countries have signed off on the treaty. The treaty was mainly advisory in nature only and not binding. The treaty does not change US law.

Yet, because there was a United Nations element to the treaty, some republicans saw a hidden boogie man in the treaty. As usual over reactions and plain stupidity on the part of republicans played a part in the defeat of this vote, which fell 61-38 (needed a 2/3rds majority since it was a “treaty” vote) just 5 votes short of passage.

Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole was on board literally and figuratively. Dole a disabled former World War II veteran was on the senate floor in his wheel chair to lend support to and watch the vote take place. Unfortunately republicans ignored Dole and took the cowardly way out to vote against equal access for disabled people around the world.

Here in Nevada, newly elected Senator Dean Heller solidified his position and the Republican Party’s position that average people mean nothing to them.

Diasbled and need a little access? NO! Dean Heller must have been mighty proud to walk by a disabled Bob Dole sitting in his wheel chair knowing he just willingly voted to DISCRIMINATE against anyone in a similar disabled situation.

Heller will probably spout off how he’s a great champion of returning veterans. Well, Mr. Heller just turned his back on those veterans, and all disabled people with his callous, uncaring vote.

Is it any wonder people view the Republican Party as the party that only protects the wealthy and well off? At every turn the Republican Party craps on working people, minorities, women and now people with disablities.

Shame on Dean Heller and shame on the Republican Party.

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