Day 1 of #NVLeg 2015 – The fight that wasn’t

The 2015 legislative session opened today with the usual fan fare and pomp and circumstance – There was the praying, the flag honoring, the anthem singing and state song warbling……….even a nod to Las Vegas was given with a throw back song with mention of mobsters and the “good ol’ days”……..quite the festive opening!!! But would we hear some music from that far right favorite, Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe ?!?!

It’s been public knowledge and all over the news that there was a rift withing the Assembly Republican Caucus…….a rift that began the day after the November election. Surprising to many & horrifying to thinking people, the republican’s swept into offices across Nevada, seizing power of the constitutional office and both houses of the legislature…….the seed s of internal strife were set.

Led by far right rabble rouser Chuck Muth, who leads a band of renegade republicans that are so conservative, they are at odds with the mainstream of the rest of the republicans in the Assembly and Senate………….the battle has been on and is ON!!!

Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe are waging war on those republicans in the Assembly who aren’t goose stepping in stride to the demands of Michele Fiore (lead singer of the Lunatic Fringe) and her fellow Fringer’s Victoria Seaman and Victoria Dooling are ready to take the assembly republicans to task over the Governor’s proposed budget which includes some revenue increases.

Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe have even bough domain names on numerous fellow assembly republicans in anticipation of recall efforts should the “moderates” not fall into line with the Lunatic Fringe……..yep, it’s a full on internal snit!!

Back to today’s opening of the legislature – The big moment everyone was looking forward to was the election of Speaker of the Assembly – John Hambrick was interim speaker, after a fight to get to this point, so now it was time to make it official……..would Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe crash the party or would they meekly vote in lockstep with those “moderates”?!?!

The media was waiting, the knowing public was anticipating, the #NVLEG twitter feed was giddy…..the vote for speaker would surely be a throw-down between the GOP combatants!!!

Then the vote came……..Hambrick’s name was put in for nomination, it was seconded, then…….nothing, not a peep from Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe, their guitars and amps sat silent, no other name was put in for nomination……..the voice vote was unanimous………never was heard a discouraging word – Hambrick was anointed as Speaker of the Assembly……..this after 3 months of furious bluster from Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe.

Talk about deflating, that was about as mundane as any vote the assembly has ever taken……what a dud………we wanted to see a real meltdown, a floor fight, a walkout, threats, accusations, sneering and even yelling – nothing, it was uneventful.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some intrigue – there were rumors of some in the assembly wearing a wire……..yes, covert taping, as the internal GOP fight now involves law enforcement, which is investigating improprieties concerning the vote for speaker and if that vote is for sale?!?!

Stay tuned, as long as Chuck Muth & the Lunatic Fringe are in the house, the music of dissension is never far away and this was only day one of 120, so there’s plenty of time for them to strike up some of their greatest hits in the remaining 119 days !!

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