Countering the bull crap of @EdwardsAD19 on #GoldButte

On January 3rd a rural Nevada publication for Mesquite NV had Assemblyman Chris Edwards pen an opinion column on the recent designation of the Gold Butte region as a new National Monument.

You can read the entire propaganda piece here:

Generally I would let a pile of right wing drivel (bull shit) of this sort go…………… But this piece of right wing propaganda (bull shit), which is obviously written to cater directly to the government hating right wingers that align their warped thinking with that of the tax payer cheating Cliven Bundy clan, had to have a response, if for nothing more than to point out the obvious bias and false outrage directed at Obama (i.e lies) and the lack of any historical perspective as to how these National Monument designations have occurred since 1906.

Let me annotate certain portions of Chris Edwards column:

Edwards opens with this: What good is a landscape if there are no people to enjoy it? None. Welcome to Gold Butte…or rather, stay out!! The President’s designation of Gold Butte as a national monument does exactly that for everybody who has been enjoying it.

Edwards falsely claims that the Gold Butte areas will be shut off from ALL public access due to his use of word NONE. Edwards is wrong right off the bat. The designation does not prevent access to the land as a whole – it might protect portions of the land that have specific historical, archaeological and cultural aspects, but it will not prohibit people from accessing the land. It mainly gives the land greater protection.

Even the right leaning Las Vegas Review Journal published an article today countering the Edwards claim:

Gold Butte proclamation still allows hunting, fishing in area

  • Today, however, sportsmen are wondering whether they will be able to continue to enjoy the hunting, camping and other outdoor opportunities Gold Butte has offered its visitors for so long. They are also concerned about the future of wildlife water developments that have been installed over the last half century. I suppose it depends on how literally present and future land managers take the wording contained in the president’s proclamation.
  • “Nothing in this proclamation shall be deemed to enlarge or diminish the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada, including its jurisdiction and authority with respect to fish and wildlife management, including hunting and fishing.” In addition, the proclamation states that it doesn’t preclude the renewal, maintenance or replacement of “wildlife water catchments…that are located within the monument.”
  • And what about motorized travel? Can you still get there from here?
  • The proclamation states that “motorized travel use in the monument shall be permitted only on roads designated as open to such use as of the date of this proclamation unless the Secretary (of the Interior) decides to reroute roads for public safety purposes or to enhance protection of the objects identified” in the proclamation.”
  • In a fact sheet issued by the BLM, the agency states that “The designation preserves public access, such as for hunting and fishing, which continue to be managed by the State of Nevada. Traditional tribal collection of certain natural materials will still be allowed in the monument, as will access for other cultural uses. Visitors may continue to use motorized vehicles and non-motorized mechanized vehicles (e.g. mountain bikes) on roads and trails designated as open for their use.”

So after one paragraph, Edwards has been proven false.

Edwards second paragraph:  The Obama administration has been no friend of the US Constitution, our laws, traditions or Nevada. It has a consistent history of trampling the Constitution, ignoring our laws and arrogantly stepping on the states with disdain. Yet again, the administration demonstrates its arrogant hypocrisy by promising to be the most inclusive, transparent administration and then shutting the door on our communities and our federal representatives. This administration’s non-stop nauseating attack on America to the bitter end, is why Donald Trump will be our next President and it can’t come soon enough.

Here we go! This paragraph has all the red meat that government & Obama hating right wingers expect and love to read – this bull shit is right in their wheel house and no matter how stupid it might be, this is the type of bull shit that “Constitutional right wingers” just love. Remember these “constitutionalists” love to bring out their right wing bastardized version pocket Constitution and wave it like it’s gospel from on high. Reality is, these pocket constitutions they all carry are edited and annotated to support their right wing version of the constitution.

Read more on the ginned up right wing pocket Constitution here:

So right off, Edwards cuts to the chase saying Obama and Administration have been a constitutional violating cabal of commies and socialists who use the Constitution as toilet paper and have no regard for that sacred document much less any laws of the land………and finishes with a salute to Donald Trump who will save the day! This paragraph will have the right wingers cheering!!

Edwards writes: In similar anti-democratic, un-American fashion, the Friends of Gold Butte operated as if they were exempt from the law and should not have to wait for duly elected representatives to decide. When our Congressional representatives indicated their opposition to the national monument designation, the “Friends” decided that they were entitled to have it their way regardless. Its executive director was quoted as saying, “We just couldn’t wait for Congress…anymore.”

Who knew she and her band of extreme environmentalists were given the Constitutional authority to tell Congress “time’s up, we’re making the decision for you!” I can’t find that enumerated power anywhere in the US Constitution. They must be using Obama’s revised version of the Constitution. Thus, they were fine with the administration bypassing the proper, constitutional process and arrogantly designating a national monument against the wishes of the majority of Nevadans.

While the overwhelming majority of Nevadans want more control over more land in Nevada, the counter-culture Friends of Gold Butte are delighted to give the Feds even more control of more of our land. Their attitude is completely out of step with Nevada. Are they environmental transplants from California?

In paragraphs 3 thru 6 Edwards trots out part II of any good right wing propaganda (bull shit) piece by calling those in favor of the Gold Butte designations “un-American” – This is a must for bull shitting right wingers, because there is only one way, the AMERICAN WAY, meaning their American way, anyone else must be a commie pinko or socialist – This hearkens right back to the McCarthy era and “red scare”. Get used to more of this during the Trump era.

In paragraphs 7 thru 9 Edwards writes:  What is also disturbing is that these elitist environmentalists exploited the Paiute tribe to further their cause in a shameful manner. They usurped the Paiute interest in small areas of these 300,00 acres to shut down the whole thing. Who knows how long the federal government will respect the tribes religious/spiritual sensitivities. The federal government doesn’t have a very good track record on caring about any native American sensitivities. But no matter, the “Friends” say it will be so, and soon we will see (how long that lasts).

The environmental extremists demonstrated just how insensitive they are by supporting the name “Gold Butte” for the national monument. Talk about a slap in the face to the native Americans! Your sacred sites will forever be known as the remnants of a ghost town that mined into the very earth you feel is sacred. That’s how thoughtless the Friends of Gold Butte and this administration are about Paiute tribal/spiritual sensitivities.

The “Friends” indicated that the situation was so dire that time was “of the essence” to protect the land and a few archaeological sites. The BLM had a history of managing Gold Butte by closing off roads and access to the only economic and recreational activities that made it valuable to the public. But that wasn’t good enough for some. Gayle Marrs-Smith, Las Vegas BLM director bemoaned that her agency failed to close some roads for eight years. Perhaps Ms. Marrs-Smith didn’t appreciate the fact that the roads were being used and enjoyed by the public as they are supposed to be…which is why they weren’t closed! How’d she miss that? BLM finally did shut down the roads to the detriment of the very tourism the Feds say they will bring.

Here, Edwards brings the Paiutes in and accuses Friends of Gold Butte of usurping the Gold Butte area for nefarious environmental wacko reasons – This is the third “must do” when appealing to dim bulb right wingers……make it an evil environmental back stabbing.

It’s obvious, Edwards can’t grasp the concept, that the Native Americans were here first and is outraged that the Paiutes might want to protect some portions of their and other indigenous peoples history and culture as the area is home to some very unique petroglyphs that are specific to the Gold Butte region.

In paragraphs 10 thru 13 Edwards writes: Rather than pressure the BLM to do their job of managing the lands and protecting such sites, the “Friends” opted for the extreme option to not just close down roads, but cordon off the entire area. Ta-da! Problem solved (in their minds). How ridiculous can they be? Their best solution to protecting and preserving 100 acres of artifacts and petroglyphs was to cordon off 300,000 acres of land…a bit excessive by any sane measure…but who’s talking sanity?

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, this little band of extreme environmentalists that blame the Feds for not managing the land previously, are now certain that the “other” Feds will do a better job. “Better” is a relative term and BLM didn’t exactly set that standard very high to stumble over!

And while we are on the subject of “better,” exactly what improvements does the public get out of this deal? What are the plans? Are there any protections for local water rights? Or, like Nancy Pelosi’s attitude, “You have to make the designation to find out what’s in it.” That hasn’t worked too well for healthcare, it will be similarly disastrous here.

Edwards mentions the BLM “do their job of managing the lands and protecting such sites” – this whiff is amazing because the BLM doing their job was exactly what the BLM was doing when rounding up the cattle of Cliven Bundy because Bundy has FAILED TO PAY HIS GRAZING FEES for a number of years. Edwards hypocrisy here is utterly amazing………I’m thinking Edwards is so wrapped up in the right wing anti-government fever he’s can’t grasp what really was the reason the BLM couldn’t “do their job” when a bunch of domestic terrorists rallied to tax payer leech Bundy’s cause with an armed stand. Also, note, Edwards got Nancy Pelosi’s name in there, that is another must as Nancy Pelosi is right up there with Obama as top right wing enemy.

Edwards prattles on with general nonsense then ends with this: Enough is already too much. This administration has used the Antiquities Act 29 times to shut down some 18 million acres of public lands! Obviously, their appetite for public lands is insatiable. The rest of us need to starve them of their vice.

I have already made queries with President-elect Trump’s team about reversing the designation and will continue to do so. I will also be working with our federal delegation to see what can be done to undo this, attain reasonable guarantees that our water rights will be protected and create a more equitable, inclusive process for the future. I already drafted a bill to introduce in the upcoming Nevada legislative session to require the federal government to release an equal amount of land to the state for every national monument it creates….acre for acre.

I want the communities affected by future land grabs and their representatives, including the Governor, to have a significant role in the process. We also need to have an agreed upon plan for any future parks and monuments to include maximum access for the public before such a designation is made. The resolution must go through Congress, but with the help of Sen. Heller, Congressman Amodei, and hopefully our other federal representatives, a much more transparent process will be adopted and a far more reasonable outcome will result.

Main gist here is Edwards lack of any historical perspective on the use of the Antiquities Act, making it seem Obama is the only president to use the act. Not true. The Antiquities Act was passed in 1906 during the term of Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a republican, and the Antiquities Act was signed into law on June 8, 1906………and it took all of three months before TR put the Antiquities Act to good use by first using it on September 24, 1906 to designate Devils Tower in Wyoming as a National Monument……….then in December, the out of control, land grabbing Roosevelt stuck again, not once, but three times designating National Monuments. The GALL, the OUTRAGE of this republican grabbing land like this!

Turns out TR used the Antiquities Act to designate 18 National Monuments in roughly 30 months from 1906 to 1909. Boy would that infuriate Edwards and the right wing today!

Wow! It must blow Edwards mind to think Teddy Roosevelt is an unconstitutional land grabber, like the evil socialist Barack Obama! More unconstitutional land grabbing (per Edwards) that occurred over the decades: 

Used to safeguard and preserve federal lands and cultural and historical sites for all Americans to enjoy, 16 presidents have designated 154 national monuments under this authority. 

Here is the full list:

Oh My god?!?! 16 Constitution hating presidents did 154 land grabs ?!? Edwards enemies of the Constitution list must be pretty long if this is the case. Or he’s just got a serious case of Obama Derangement Syndrome where delusion sets in and warps the mind into thinking anything only Obama does is in violation of every law, ignoring the fact that 15 other presidents (of both parties) used the same act.

Towards the end of this mind freak fantasy of Edwards, he mentions he has reached out to the Trump camp for help on this heinous and lawless act that Obama foisted on the Constitutional loving rubes of northeastern Clark County. Now if Edwards were paying attention he might have known this:

Sorry Republicans, Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Sell Off Public Lands

Among the more controversial and least discussed portions of the Republican Party platform is the GOP’s position that federal lands ― including national parks, wildlife refuges and forests ― should be removed from federal protection.

But the man at the top of the party’s ticket, Donald Trump, isn’t on board with that, one of his top energy advisers, Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), said this week.

“He’s not the poster child Republican when it comes to those kind of environmental issues,” Cramer told The Huffington Post, noting that his candidate cares about “legitimate environmental concerns; nature, specifically.”

This might come as a shock to Edwards and those who see Gold Butte as evil and that their savior Donald Trump might think otherwise.

The bottom line of this comedic column by Assemblyman Edwards, is that is was written to appeal to a small, yet vocal (and armed) minority of people who can’t come to grips with how public lands came to be. They are certain it’s a government over reach and absolute violation of state and federal laws…….and of course, in their minds, the biggie: Constitutional Violation. This escape from reality column has no basis in history and is aimed right at the Bundy Bunch and their allies. Edwards included pretty much every Breitbart / Drudge Report red meat point stopping short of calling Obama a Muslim of Kenyan decent………….making this 100% a propaganda piece for the right wing anti-government types who for some reason can’t educate themselves on the reality of public lands.

Here is the document from Congress allowing the territory of Nevada to form a state, note this particular clause and condition:

Sec. 4. Authorization to form constitution and state government; limitations. And be it further enacted, That the members of the convention, thus elected, shall meet at the capital of said territory on the first Monday in July next, and, after organization, shall declare, on behalf of the people of said territory, that they adopt the constitution of the United States. Whereupon the said convention shall be, and it is hereby, authorized to form a constitution and state government for said territory: Provided, That the constitution, when formed, shall be republican, and not repugnant to the constitution of the United States, and the principles of the Declaration of Independence: And provided further, That said convention shall provide, by an ordinance irrevocable, without the consent of the United States and the people of said state:—

First. That there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said state, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.

Second. That perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secured, and no inhabitant of said state shall ever be molested in person or property on account of his or her mode of religious worship.

Third. That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States; and that the lands belonging to citizens of the United States residing without the said state shall never be taxed higher than the land belonging to the residents thereof; and that no taxes shall be imposed by said state on lands or property therein belonging to, or which may hereafter be purchased by, the United States.




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