50 dead in shooting not enough for @SenateGOP – @NRA & Terrorists win the day

Four votes in the last hour to possibly bring some common sense to existing gun laws in the US of A and as expected the GOP along with a few Democrats turned a blind eye to the last mass shooting.

Nothing was done when 20+ elementary school kids were gunned down and now with the latest mass shooting that killed at least 49 innocents, the GOP was still not swayed to make any small changes to gun laws……….not even making it harder for those on the “no-fly watch list” from acquiring guns.

Big win for the NRA bought GOP & cross-over democrats and a big win for nut jobs and possible terrorists.

So there it is, clear as day: The GOP & the NRA side with terrorists over most of America.

Fucking sad and extremely pathetic – Let’s hope this registers with voters in November at least in some states.

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